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“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is everything is a miracle.”
–Albert Einstein.

The definition of miracle; An extraordinary event; an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment inexplicable other than aided by God.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Before you answer. Miracles don’t have to be huge life altering events, though sometimes they are. If you look close enough there are miracles of all sizes in all of our lives. Recognizing or acknowledging them can be the challenge.

My life is chock full of miracles. Good thing for me is one doesn’t earn, deserve or even have to ask for them. Out at National Trails getting a couple of hits before I put Mr. Aruba away for the winter. While under the tower the starter won’t engage. Towed back to the trailer again. Later that winter while getting a vacuum pump installed a broken valve spring was found. If that starter had not broke, I could have dropped that valve, or if I found it adjusting the valves in March before Bradenton I would not have time to fix it and missed the race. Miracle.

Heck once I gave a round away to my buddy Doug in Atlanta. I was so mad. But little did I know I had to get home and live through a heart attack. Better at home than on the road. Miracle. Bad luck, things break, or a miracle. I will not bore you anymore with my blessed life.

Miracles can be found in the Bible. My wife believes miracles are a common place in the medical world. We humans are sort of like someone else’s race car. Doctors look at our anatomy and wonder why someone put that artery, nerve, vein or organ there. Similarly the way we critique our buddies race cars.

Miracles are not guaranteed. Most miracles seem to require hard work, sacrifice, time, money and most important faith. Sometimes that faith thing comes after the recognition of the miracle. I believe it would be tough to find any person that survived a near fatal accident, surgery or cancer survivor that doesn’t acknowledge miracles. Two individuals that are cancer survivors that come to mind are Kay Smith and Carl James. Miracles. I would like you to think back on what you may have considered bad luck or a bit of good luck at the time. Maybe, just maybe find a way that God stuck a miracle in your life.

Miracles are not guaranteed. A sure fire way to witness and or be a major contributor to a miracle is by attending or donating to this years Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals January 26, 2019. (SEE DEFINITION OF MIRACLE) We are counting on you all to make a impact this year. Follow us on Facebook @MrArubaWinternationals and @MikeDechicco, or on the website www.mraruba1965.com. Contact me; cell (614) 562-7151 and mraruba1965@gmail.com