2018 Twist and Shout

2018 Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals


It seems each of the past 14 years,our event has had its own underlying theme. As this year’s date got closer, it was evident where it was headed. “You want to make God laugh, make plans.” Yet we make them anyway! The game plan is the same every year. To have everyone make it back to next year’s event happy and healthy, also bringing along a new friend, and sprinkle in a couple of new “rookies”. I personally do not try to make a big deal about reasons one might have for not coming. We always really need you and are saddened when you’re not with us. But this year, I felt we had to make a big deal when one of our “All-Stars” got sidetracked with that “C” word. So Special Kay could not be there this year. We brought the party to Kay with Lisa Hollaway shouting out through FaceTime on her phone to our missing one. That was really cool!

Feeling the need to keep it fresh and fun. The twist was not allowing Jeg Coughlin Jr. to use any of his fingers to activate the button used for the Porta-Tree for our reaction time racing competition. Yes, I’m a risk taker and it paid off. To top it off, the last race everyone was under the same rule. Thank you to all of you for going along….fun was had by all!

Lonnie Smith took his first Gambler’s Race, besting Michael Beard,and making his mom, Kay Smith, proud. Dale Thurn’s amazing night started with a win over Jason Wheatcraft for a set of FireCore Wires. He also picked up all the goodies in the grand prize raffle. Chip Foust Memorial Race was won by your host, Mr. Aruba,as he got by Ron Richards. Mike doubled up on Mr. Richards with a run off for the Jeg Jr.’s driver suit. Jeg made his presence felt by winning the last “No Finger” race over Terry McGee. An unsuspected advantage was bestowed on him
in the fact he hadn’t use his fingers most of the night. Touche’. Jason Wheatcraft won the SO/SO raffle. Rick Rondy guessed the mystery part. Many of our cash winners donated monies back to the pot. Kudos to them!

This event is and always will be equal to the sum of its parts. Thank you to everyone for stepping in and stepping up for all who could not be there. Jane and myself will continue to twist and shout while keeping the doors open for next year’s 15th year anniversary reunion of the Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals on Saturday, January 26, 2019. The $12,000 that was raised at this year’s event was presented to Jeg Coughlin Jr. this past week including money raised by selling out Special Kay’s Stay Strong bracelets. Watch for photos on Facebook. Thank you all for helping to make this event one of the highlights of our year. It was one to remember for sure.

We’re counting on each and every one of you to make our 15th Year Reunion one for the record books.