2018 Event Info

“The Special Kayke”

Years ago, we came up with the idea of a Winners’ Cake. If you won a race in the prior year, you get to put your accomplishment (or multiple accomplishments) on the cake. Later on that night, we cut the cake celebrating those ​ wins and by eating a piece, everyone shares in the luck that it took to win those races. Some years, “The Special Kayke” is just full of cards with the names of event winners or even a championship winner. Sorry… no runners up allowed.” Ouch!”. It took me several years to get on that stinking cake, but I have been fortunate enough to be on “The Special Kayke” several times and also not on it several times. Does not being on “The Special Kayke” mean you had a bad year? Maybe…or maybe not. By having a piece of “The Special Kayke” does that insure you of having a good year? Maybe…or maybe not. No runners up. No participation awards. No perfect attendance recognition. No “I beat cancer” card or “I survived a heart attack” card or I made it through some other serious health or financial problem card on “The Special Kayke”. What was I thinking with this stinking cake idea anyway?

​Let us cake eaters take a closer look. First thing, if you are at my home filling out a winner’s card or saying, ” I didn’t win nothing’ this year” or ” I won a race at this event last year. Does that count?”, we thank you and bless you for the giving heart you possess. The fact we are fortunate enough that you showed up, whether it be the first time or fourteenth time you are eyeing “The Special Kayke” you surely deserve a piece! Kudos to the participants that don’t even race…. “get yourself some cake”.

​Let’s face it… cake brings us together. People may not even like someone at work, but will still have a piece of their cake. “The Special Kayke” does not make you a winner or loser. It won’t make you healthier or kill you. One thing it does, it makes you special to us… helping many with their fight against cancer by being here as a participant this coming January 27, 2018 and having a piece of this “Special Kayke”.​

You are all invited to be a participant and, of course, bring a friend(s). Or if you just want to get involved… you can mail or make a donation, be a sponsor, donate food to the event, or help us put the party on. (We accept all volunteers for the party staff. No experience necessary.)

Facebook: Mr Aruba Winter Nationals.

Call or text me at 614-562-7151.

E-mail: mraruba1965@gmail.com