2017 Mr. Aruba’s Winter Nationals Recap

The Thirteenth Annual Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals 2017 Recap


Some consider the number 13 an unlucky number. I really do not want to go into that. Some consider 13 as a number of power and luck. The later is me. While a youth playing baseball, the “13” jersey was always available and I wore it. I did okay and when I didn’t, it surely wasn’t the fault of the number on my back. Not being superstitious at the track is somewhat of a challenge. For awhile I would not eat or drink anything red on race day. But I like apples and fruit punch flavored Powerade, so that didn’t last. We decided not to play up this year as being our 13th because not all people think like me…and thank God for that!

As the regular crowd shuffled in (like the song) you can “check-in any time you like, but you can never leave”…. without a full belly and a grin thanks to Jerry Vetters hooking us up with Dave Chilcote of Gabbys for the strombolis. The action intensified when John Josia ( joe- zie- ah) and his wife hauled in a load of authentic Greek baklava. But the competition was fierce when Jeg Jr brought Samantha’s famous Splenda chocolate chip cookies, back by popular demand. Although some of our dignitaries were fashionably late that still didn’t keep them from participating in our Prostock/Dragster Trivia Contest where Michael Beard and Jeg Coughlin Jr vs Doug Duell and TJ Coughlin Jr vs everyone else in the room faced off. No one felt the least bit sorry if all the trivia happened before you were all born. It’s all for fun and it was!

The Gambler’s Race was highlighted with some perfect lights and some of the ladies’ round wins which entitled them to some Jeg’s autographed wearing apparel donated by Mr. Jeg Jr. Semi-finalists Lonnie Smith and Michael Beard copped a Jeg’s $ 50 gift cert. The final glamor round pitted Jeff Day of Precision Machine in Canton Oh against Brian Spring (you know Shana King’s boyfriend). It was Jeff’s “day” as the winner….also taking the raffle prize home with him. Both Brian and Jeff kicked prize money back into the pot, thank you very much.

Rick and Lindsay once again supported our cause with two Custom FireCore wire sets. The first one went to Shana King’s boyfriend Brian with Jason Wheatcraft taking runner up.

Mark Hummer and the Delphos contingency kept the memory Chip Foust with his memorial race. Jeg Coughlin Jr winning the two hundy that he graciously donated back by beating his good buddy Ron Richard(son) who was awarded the other FireCore wire set. Angie” the assassin” Goodwin and Kevin Ralston took home Jax Wax care detailing kits for their troubles.

The Jegs Sportman Eliminator ( AKA Beer Eliminator) Grand Prize of a Stoner Care Complete Car Care Detailing Kit donated by Peter Taraborelli was won by Larry Smith with Jason Wheatcraft in second. Mark May picked the case of Brad Penn racing oil donated by Precision Machine by guessing the mystery part. Congratulations to all winners and especially all participants the year.

That’s a wrap. I apologize to anyone who didn’t get individually recognized or wasn’t given a nickname this year by the track announcer. You are just gonna have to come back next year! So if you were superstitious and stayed home on year “13” be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, January 27, 2018 for our 14th year of Winter Nationals.