2014 Winter Nationals Wrap Up…. aka The Snowball Express!

2014 Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals Tenth Anniversary Recap

( aka The Snowball Express )

Weather was never a consideration when the date was chosen to have this event. The future of this event wasn’t even a consideration, to tell you the truth. Here we are, our tenth year. Let’s go big ! Let’s get on Facebook! Let’s put it out there for all able bodies to make this a “blow out” event. Let’s invite and secure Jeg Coughlin Jr. to attend.  Let’s have the highest number of RSVP’s ever! We are on target to have the greatest party ever! Now, let’s do it on this winter’s worst snowstorm. Well, I figured whoever makes it, at least, will get to meet The Champ up close and personal. Will this story have a happy ending? Drum roll please……. “Don’t bet on this event not working out!”

Jeg and Lisa
Jeg Jr. and Lisa just after the raffle!

 I had to plow our driveway and parking lot four times that day.  I twice plowed the end of Fry Road that tends to get covered with drifts. On my second trip to keep the road open, I spot Mr. Coughlin Jr. go past me in a Dodge truck with a V-style plow on the front . My only question was, why is his blade not down? Special is the word for this night…..people coming together for a righteous cause. To put it in a nut shell, it’s the people who made it to the house and the people who sent in their donations that are so special and make this event a success. And a success it was both monetarily and spiritually.

George Jobe
Some guy who won the Gambler’s Race and runner-up Gearge Jobe.

Chip Jeg’s The Joker is Wild Race
Mr. Aruba and Chip Faust, winner of Jeg’s Joker’s Wild Race

Gambler’s race runner up (to the winner Mr. Aruba) George Jobe donated $200 back from his winnings. Winner of the Jeg’s The Joker is Wild Race, Chip Foust, gave back the only cash part of his $600 grand prize of $100. Second place finisher Danny Smith gave his $250 winnings back, but kept the box of tissues and Jeg’s banner.  Jeg Coughlin Jr. won the 50/50 drawing and graciously gave his $207 back to the pot.

Danny Smith
Danny Smith won a sweet box of Jeg’s brand tissues after donating back his $250 winnings.

Chip Foust also won his second set of Firecore Ignition Wires winning the Race for the Wires. Runner up was Lonnie Smith. In the Hemi Challenge (Beer Eliminator), Ron Richards bested JD Fleece.

JD and Ron
The Beer Eliminator final two, JD Fleece and Ron Richards.

Oh, by the way , we will presenting  a check for  over $10,000 dollars raised for The Jegs Race for the Cure Foundation to Mr. Coughlin Jr. as soon as a meeting can be arranged.

A big thanks to Jeg Coughlin Jr. and the JEGS Corporation; Doug Duell with Evansville Mazda, Kia, Volvo; Rick Gorski and Fire Core Ignition Wires; Dean Bressler of D&D Automotive; Jeff Day of Precision Automotive Machine; Bob Stone of Environmental Coatings; Larry & Kay Smith of Larry Smith Excavating; Stoner Solutions, the makers of Invisible Glass Car care products; Dr. Drew Belpedio with the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center; Bud from B & D Enterprises (gave price break on the Nebo Larry lights);  Noah Mabry,  for the website and T-shirt design; Adam Moore, Fly Ink Printing Co; and  Mark Blue, John & Kathy Fritchie, Jeff Kidd, Donnie & Dianna Johnson, Jason & Ellen Wheatcraft ,Steve Kuklica and Jackie and Terry Barber. To all who braved the elements and everyone that couldn’t make the trip but still mailed in donations. The crew of Noah, Michelle, Alison, Sherri, Brenna, Lisa who worked the kitchen and finances, to everyone that brought food to share (especially Samantha’s special cookies) and the Druhots for the pies. Lastly to Mrs. Aruba, my wife  Dr. Jane Graebner of the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center. Go to www.MrAruba1965.com for a complete list of participants, pictures, and more details. Follow us on my Facebook also.

                  We wish for all of you a blessed and fruitful 2014. We can’t say thanks enough to the people that make this event so special, you! Enjoy this summer (if it ever gets here). See you at the track and God willing, at next year’s Mr. Aruba Winter Nationals.


Mike & Jane